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Energy & Comfort Enhancements

With the cost of energy rising 3% every year on average, doesn't it make
sense to reduce long-term consumption without sacrificing your lifestyle?
Want to save money on your electric bill and at the same time help the

Using energy-efficient products can help the efficiency of your existing equipment which not only saves you money year in and year out, but also prolongs the life of the most expensive component in your home (your heating and air conditioning system). Below is one energy saving product we recommend because of its quick return on investment and long-term energy savings.

In addition to energy saving products, there are critical enhancements that every home should have to prevent big problems from occurring. Below are two products that can save thousands of dollars in future repairs.

5-2-1 Compressor
A 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® significantly reduces the amount of time your A/C compressor takes to start.

Ceiling Savers
The ceiling saver kit is a device that works with your existing system to prevent condensate from overflowing and damaging ceilings.
Surge Protectors
Surge Protectors shut down the compressor in the event of electrical spikes and prevent costly repairs.
Zoned Comfort Control
With a Zoned Comfort Control System, you won't be heating empty rooms or over-cooling one area in order to cool another.